Gardening In The News: Stress Relief

At Hinsdale Nurseries, we pride ourselves on bringing you top-quality products and services. We also love knowing the advantages they deliver naturally. From activity to mental balance, gardening has incredible effects for the whole family to enjoy. And as a heads up, we’re staffed from 7 am to 3:30 pm to take your phone calls and delivery orders, so you can get in on the natural goodness too.

The Chicago Sun Times recently shared about gardening’s healing power in an article titled, “In chaotic times, gardening becomes therapy.”

“Sometimes I just like to sit and dig holes in the quiet with my own thoughts,” she said. “Outside, it takes my mind off. It gives something for my hands to do. It gives you a separate problem to think about than whatever else is going on. It gets you off of social media.”

“There are so many things about it that feed my soul,’’ she said. “Right now, more than anything, my garden gives me hope, gives me purpose and provides a sense of connection to something bigger than myself.”

Her children water the plants daily and concentrate on what’s growing. “You’re feeling the sun and the breeze and don’t have to worry about anything in the moment,” Bolanos said.

We’re here to help you relieve a little stress. As your local family-owned nursery, we’re always here for you, and happy to help. Take a little time to explore Mother Nature, solo or with the family, and you can count on a bounty of benefits.

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