Expert Advice for the Do-It-Yourself Gardener

Do you need a little help?

Stop in and our retail staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal plants for your yard considering the light, water, and size requirements.  Any post-planting questions are always welcome.

Do you need a little more help?

Set up a private appointment with a Landscape Designer.

What it is: A 45 minute pre-scheduled consultation at Hinsdale Nurseries, Willowbrook location.

Cost of the appointment: $75.00

What to expect: Customer will leave the appointment with a list of recommended plant materials and a $50.00 voucher. The voucher can be applied toward a minimum $200.00 purchase of the recommended plant materials. Plants must be purchased at the retail price point. If a sketch is necessary, it will be provided after the purchase and can be used as a blueprint when planting. Voucher is valid for one year from consultation date.

What to bring to the appointment:

  • Current measurements of the planting area
  • Sun and Soil conditions
  • Current pictures of the planting area
  • Preferred plant materials, color, style, etc.

When is this appointment not appropriate:

  • Larger areas are to be designed
  • Hardscape designs are involved
  • Regrading or Drainage work is desired
  • A third party will be purchasing and/or installing plants

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 630-323-1411, extension 4.

Residential Landscape Design

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