Sod Lawn Care

Full establishment of a sod lawn takes about 4 weeks. During this period remember the following rules:
1) No foot traffic, pets, or machinery allowed except while cutting.
2) Do not allow sod and undersoil to dry out. They must be kept moist at all times.


Soaking the sod keeps it from shrinking at the seams. It will also prevent burning and brown discoloration. If any browning appears, water immediately. Soaking the lawn through the sod to the undersoil requires a lot of water. Place lawn sprinklers to ensure that the lawn will be thoroughly soaked. Be sure to take rainfall into account as it may lessen your watering requirement. Also, remember to obey any water restrictions set by your village.
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• Days 1–6

The first seven days after your sod has been installed are critical to its establishment. Stay off the sod and keep it well watered.

• Day 7

Allow the lawn to dry for 1 to 2 days. It should be damp and able to support your weight.

• Day 8 or 9

Once the lawn is damp-dry, it should receive its first cutting. Set your mower at the highest setting. Cut the entire area whether it appears to be required or not. Be sure to use a grass catcher to collect the clippings. Immediately after cutting, soak the sod again and continue the soaking process for another 7-day period.

• Days 15 or 16

Repeat the cutting procedure allowing the sod to damp-dry beforehand. After the second cutting, examine the entire area for depressions. These holes, if any, are usually caused by footsteps of animals or people, settling of gas or water mains, or filling of deep air pockets caused by poor backfilling during original construction. To repair, gently roll back the overlaying sod, fill the hole with good soil to the proper grade, replace the sod and treat the area as freshly-laid sod by keeping it well watered.

• Days 21–29

Water the lawn heavily 2 or 3 times weekly and cut weekly. Remember to keep all traffic off the lawn for 30 days.

• Day 30+

Approximately 30 days after the installation, reduce watering to deep, infrequent applications, totaling 1-1.5 inches per week. Mow weekly.
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Fertilization should be performed regularly to maintain a healthy, green lawn.

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