Field Potted Shrubs

Hinsdale Nurseries believes strongly in the benefits of field-grown shrubs. Over the years, we have refined our process of field potting to provide plants that thrive in new and existing landscapes. Our custom shrub spade standardizes the digging process, producing consistently-sized root balls. Cotton netting is then stretched around the root ball. The root ball is transported on a pallet to our potting machine where it is placed in a pot and our custom-blend potting mix fills the space between the pot and the root ball.  

After potting, the plant is immediately available for sale because the netting maintains the integrity of the root ball, much like a balled and burlapped shrub. In this process, the pot is used to aid in the display and care of the plant. If the plant is held in the pot for a period of time it will begin to root out, however, this is not necessary for the plant to be successfully transplanted in the home landscape.  

To plant, carefully slide the ball into the hole leaving the netting on the ball. The netting will decompose with time. Use the extra potting soil with your backfill. Water in your completed plantings and know that because you installed a field-grown plant containing field soil there are less issues that are of concern.  

The field soil will stay moist longer than a lighter container mix. You will not have a soil interface problem caused by planting light soil mixes in the heavier soils found in most landscape sites. If the plant wilts from shock or a temporary lack of moisture, the field-grown plant will recover. We’re proud to say that we offer plants that live a long time, thanks to our specific growing techniques.

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