Gardening Tip: Pair These Plants

Plants can be picky. So, it’s important to tend to your plants’ “preferences” to attain optimal garden health. Since a diverse garden makes for a stunning sight, we’ve listed a few plants that “prefer” similar conditions, grow beautifully together, and will stop passersby in their tracks.

Astilbe + Brunnera
These shade-lovers both grow well in moist, well-drained soil. Astilbe and Brunnera pack a beautiful punch of color, and require little maintenance.

Simple Hosta + Penstemon
Hosta and Penstemon grow well in shaded, neutral pH soil and have super-sweet nectar that makes it easy for hummingbirds to sip. Ready to make new friends?

Russian Sage + Stargazer Lily
Plant these beauties in the sun for fragrance and season-long color. Russian Sage’s purple shades make the Stargazer Lily’s pink hues shimmer.

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