Gardening with Pumpkins

We’ve got pumpkins and creative ideas on how you can scare up some seasonal landscape style.

Choose from our variety of pumpkins and other gourds to create a pumpkin pile in your garden bed or on your porch or entryway. You can use wooden crates and haystacks for an extra touch.

Decorate your planters with a large or unique pumpkin or two. For hanging planters, try a smaller variety with some spiller and thriller that has all the holiday chiller.

Step away from your typical garden liner and try choosing one style of pumpkin to create a uniformed look around the edge of your garden bed or pathway.

Take a look at your garden, perhaps there are a few spots you can nestle in some pumpkins. Add some color by picking up some autumnal colored mums, pansies or cabbage kale.

Get in the spirit by stopping into the nursery today. We’re here to safely serve you.


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