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Spring Cleaning

As the winter chill slowly fades and the days become longer and warmer, it may be tempting to rush outside and start tending to your garden. Prior to digging and planting, it’s imperative to understand which tasks are suitable for the beginning of spring and which should be postponed.


Prune dead or broken branches on deciduous shrubs
• Cut back ornamental grasses
• Check perennials for frost heave
• Tidy up (cut back dried perennials and rake debris off the lawn)
• Start planning for upcoming planting


Prune spring-blooming shrubs such as forsythia, viburnum, and lilac
• Walk all over your lawn or garden
• Start mowing the lawn
• Tidy up too much (leave a layer of leaves or mulch)
• Plant or transplant trees, plants, or shrubs before the last frost

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