Community Love: Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

The work of our pals at Turning Pointe in Naperville genuinely moves us–so we made a video to showcase them! This team provides their autistic students with behavioral and employment support, which helps them flourish in society. We’re always rooting for these guys!

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Gardening Tip: Pair These Plants

Plants can be picky. So, it’s important to tend to your plants’ “preferences” to attain optimal garden health. Since a diverse garden makes for a stunning sight, we’ve listed a few plants that “prefer” similar conditions, grow beautifully together, and will stop passersby in their tracks.

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Marigolds + So Much More.

Happy summer plant lovers! Did you know that Marigolds thrive in warm weather and bright sun? It's the perfect time for this annual favorite...and to learn how you can keep them (and other plants) healthy with proper hydration. Let's dig into these golden tips and hydrating tricks from our very own Hinsdale Nurseries staff.

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