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A Gardeners’ Guide to Year-Round Resolutions

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As we dive into the New Year, let’s shake things up a bit with how we take care of our green havens. Dreaming up a massive wishlist for your garden in winter can make spring feel like a whirlwind of to-dos. Why not take it one step at a time?

Think of your garden as a masterpiece in progress. Start by picking just five goals a year from the bunch we’ve got here and some of your own. Then, next year, five more, and so on. Eventually, you’ll watch your garden transform into that dreamy picture you’ve had in your mind.

woman's hands painting clay pots
woman’s hands painting clay pots


Winter Aspirations

☐ Dream, scheme, and plan for next season.

☐ Hang a bird feeder to welcome delightful visitors.

☐ Invest in pruning tools or sharpen and clean your old ones.

☐ Decorate your Pots.

☐ Experiment with plant combination ideas.

Spring Objectives

☐ Plant a couple of fruit trees to enrich your garden’s bounty.

☐ Initiate a compost pile for nutrient-rich soil.

☐ Adorn your garden with Pantone’s colors of the year: Peach Fuzz.

☐ Integrate native plants into your flower beds.

☐ Cultivate herbs to savor fresh flavors.

Summer Commitments

☐ Expand your garden to nurture bees and pollinators with more flowers.

☐ Foster monarch butterflies by planting milkweed.

☐ Embrace outdoor dining experiences amidst nature’s beauty.

☐ Teach a child the joy of planting.

☐ Introduce a climbing rose to elevate your garden’s aesthetic.

Fall Objectives

☐ Cultivate three new varieties of lettuce for an exciting harvest.

☐ Share your garden’s bounty with neighbors, fostering a sense of community.

☐ Preserve your harvest by mastering the art of canning.

☐ Collect and store fallen leaves for winter mulch.

☐ Plant bulbs for a spring bloom.

At Hinsdale Nurseries, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re aiming to create a winter wonderland, a vibrant spring oasis, a lush summer retreat, or a cozy fall haven, our experts and resources are at your disposal.

So, why not kick-start your garden adventure today? Choose a handful of seasonal goals, envision the garden you desire, and let’s grow together. Embrace the beauty of nature’s canvas and craft your own masterpiece, season by season. Happy gardening!


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