You are currently viewing Winter Wonderland: DIY Home Decor Ideas from Hinsdale Nurseries

Winter Wonderland: DIY Home Decor Ideas from Hinsdale Nurseries

Winter Decor

As the winter season approaches, adding a touch of festive beauty to your home can uplift your spirits during the holidays and throughout the chilly months. Hinsdale Nurseries is here to share some wonderful DIY winter decorations that will infuse your space with a fresh and festive atmosphere. Whether it’s for the holidays or beyond, these seasonal decorations will keep your home looking inviting.

Garlands: Festive Accents

Discover the enchanting world of garlands, where festive accents meet creative flair. Dive into the art of crafting captivating garlands that will infuse your winter decor with charm and style.

Cranberry Garland

Crimson Berry Adornments
While cranberry garland is a traditional Christmas adornment, it can be a splendid choice for winter decor post-holidays if styled appropriately. Stringing real cranberries in front of your fireplace mantel exudes an effortless yet statement-worthy vibe. Incorporate pinecones with floral wire throughout the garland, and finish the ends with eucalyptus bunches to anchor it to your fireplace. And, if you want to go a more traditional route, add popcorn for a pop of white.

Star GarlandStarry Fabric Garland
Infuse your mantel with a star-studded design that will illuminate your home all winter long. Create this DIY garland by cutting star shapes from sweater fabric and affixing heavy fusible interfacing to the backs. Arrange the fabric stars along a length of yarn and hang it for an elegant touch. Customize the fabric to match your holiday color scheme.

Snowflake GarlandSnowflake Garland

Bring the wintry wonder to your home with an easy-to-make snowflake garland. Fashion snowflakes from craft sticks for a sturdier and longer-lasting garland. Use white spray paint and spray glitter for a snowy appearance. Hang this DIY winter decoration on your mantel or drape it along a staircase banister.

Candles: Cozy Illumination

Step into the realm of cozy illumination! Discover how the soft flicker of candles can transform your winter decor, lending warmth and ambiance to your living spaces.

Garland Candle HoldersWinter Foliage Candle Holders
Candles are a beloved winter staple. Seek out hurricane lanterns, which you can often find at your local thrift store, and use them as the foundation for these lanterns. Craft your hurricane shape using fabric-wrapped wire and adorn them with greenery, white berries, fresh herbs, or juniper berries. These charming lanterns can grace your table or fireplace mantel throughout the winter season.

Plaid Candle HolderWarm Glow Candle Lantern
Candles lend a warm and inviting ambiance to your home on chilly winter nights. This DIY winter decoration takes it a step further by adorning a glass mason jar with plaid ribbon, jute twine, and a sprig of evergreen. Place a pillar candle inside to create an inviting glow.

Snow Candles Snow-Kissed Candle Holders

Create snowy jar candle holders with ease. Mix faux snow and Epsom salt, then apply an even layer of Mod Podge to the jar’s exterior, excluding the bottom. Quickly sprinkle the snow for an even look. Let it dry, and then decorate with ribbon, greens, berries, or twine to match your decor. Enjoy the festive touch!

Gold CandlesShimmering Golden Votive Holders
Create these dazzling DIY candle holders with ease: spray a fine mist of water into a glass holder and, while the water is still wet, spray a light layer of metallic gold paint over the water droplets. Let it dry and then apply a layer of gold glitter spray for added sparkle.

Wreaths: Nature-Inspired Beauty

Explore the art of crafting wreaths inspired by the beauty of nature. Discover how wreaths can add a touch of natural charm and elegance to your winter decor.

Star WreathStarry Evergreen Wreath
Welcome the new year with an enchanting DIY evergreen star wreath. Utilize a wooden or foam star shape, and trim evergreen branches to maintain the desired star shape. Secure the branches with twine, hot glue, and adhesive spray to assemble your star wreath, a delightful addition to your winter decor.

Twig WreathWinter Twig Wreath
Make use of dried twigs from your yard to fashion a charming DIY winter wreath. Gather a bunch of sticks to create a starburst effect on a grapevine wreath. A light coat of white spray paint gives the wreath a snow-kissed appearance. Use hot glue to attach the twigs to the wreath form and tuck small pinecones and greenery into the gaps.

Wreath TreeFestive Tree Wreath
Spread holiday cheer with a DIY winter wreath that resembles a Christmas tree. Attach real or faux greenery to a triangular-shaped wire and layer until it’s your desired fullness. Use floral wire to secure and add ornaments and other accessories. Perfect for your front door!

Interior Charm: Tabletop and Customized Winter Decor

pinecone ornamentRetro Pinecone Memory Decorations
Elevate your tree with a personal touch by crafting these unique pinecone ornaments. Start by cutting cardboard into various shapes to serve as the base for your ornaments. Then, use dried pinecones, remove scales with needle-nose pliers, and hot glue them around the cardboard. Insert photos inside the frame and add gold twine loops for hanging. Once the holidays are over, showcase them on a garland or mantel.

Screenshot 2023 12 12 At 5.02.46 pmCozy Winter Tabletop Display
Craft a versatile centerpiece that can transition from fall to spring with ease. Find clear vases or jars that can hold pinecones and white flowers. Surround it with classic white votives for a natural winter centerpiece.

Screenshot 2023 12 12 At 4.56.59 pmEvergreen Centerpiece
Create a timeless evergreen winter holiday centerpiece by arranging soaked floral foam in a decorative container. Insert evergreen branches, pinecones, and berries, and add candles for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

PineconesPinecone Winter Accent

Nature serves as an abundant source of inspiration for your DIY winter decorations. Pinecones make exquisite additions to seasonal centerpieces. Arrange candle holders on a round tray and top them with silver-painted pinecones and sprigs of greenery, creating an effortless centerpiece for your coffee table or holiday tablescape.

paper treesPaper Trees

These simple paper trees are an effortless DIY winter decoration that can be enjoyed long after Christmas. Cut tree shapes from white cardstock using a free pattern, and attach folded cutouts to make the trees stand independently. Create a mini forest of trees to adorn your mantel or holiday table.

Rustic TableRustic Tabletop Elegance
Personalize your winter tabletop by using a woodburning tool to inscribe a festive saying or your family’s name onto a log slice. This unique touch adds warmth to your dining area and creates a memorable focal point for your winter gatherings, making your tabletop decor a conversation piece that leaves a lasting impression.

Outdoors: Welcoming Winter

Outdoor DecorOutdoor Winter Decor
Elevate your outdoor decor, making it as captivating in the winter as it is during the milder seasons. Craft a simple yet inviting outdoor display by adorning your door or a bench with lush evergreen garlands. Pair these with outdoor potting containers and a festive throw blanket to set the stage for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

WindowboxDIY Window Box

Enhance the charm of your porch with a beautifully adorned window box this winter. Gather a blend of evergreen and dogwood branches, securing them effortlessly in a soil mix.

Winter ContainerFestive Winter Containers

Elevate your outdoor landscape this winter with captivating winter containers. Filled with seasonal foliage and accents, these containers bring a touch of warmth and elegance to your garden or porch, creating a striking and welcoming ambiance.




Get ready to elevate your winter decor effortlessly as we’ll soon be offering a wide range of winter accents and staples at the nursery. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer a ready-made solution, we’ve got you covered. Create a cozy and inviting retreat with our selection, and let your home radiate the warmth of the season.







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