Design Meet Function: Our Award-winning Creation

Hinsdale Nurseries is thrilled to highlight expert landscape designer Lindsay Buchalski on her win of the ILCA 2021 Silver Award for Residential Structures.

Lindsay’s inspiration for the project came from the client’s love of sculptural rock formations. The signature piece of this design, the wood-storage wall, needed to capture a sculptural feel, so she started researching sculptural work by various artists, such as Lew French.

“I started playing around with soft curves and looked at ways to lighten up the wall to give it a more whimsical, fluid appearance…Because rock formations were so integral to this client’s wish list, every aspect of the design reverted back to that basic element. The question I kept asking myself was, does adding this component further the client’s goals or not? If yes, then it became a part of the design. If not, I left it out.”

– Lindsay Buchalski

Listening to our clients is everything and we’re so proud of Lindsay’s hard-earned landscaping design award.



May Planting
Get your annual and vegetable beds ready. Add (till in) soil conditioner, mushroom compost, or composted cow manure as needed.





Pruning Time
Cut back or prune your shrub roses like Knock Out Roses or Drift Roses this month.





Support the health of existing shrubs, evergreens, roses, or perennials with Espoma brand or Dr. Earth organic fertilizers.

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