Natural Bug Repelents for Your Landscape

Ditch chemical bug repellents and go the natural route! Add a few of these natural insect-repelling plants to your landscape, and the ecosystem will thank you.

• Basil – A fragrant mosquito repellent and a great cooking herb.

• Mint – Repel ants, flies, and mosquitos repellent and a summer mojito ingredient.

• Lemongrass – Snip off a few inches and this plant will release natural bug-repelling oils. You can also whip up some tasty Thai dishes in the kitchen.

• Lavender – A pleasing scent to humans, but repellent to mosquitos, moths, and flies. Rub its oils onto your skin for natural soothe.

• Lemon Thyme – A creeping herb that repels many bugs. For culinary use, chop the leaves just before use. A great addition to poultry, seafood, vegetable, marinades, stews, soups, and sauces.

• Garlic – A repellent of pesky pests and vampires, but delicious addition to your homemade pasta sauce.

• Catnip – This perennial repels mosquitos and even has the ability to rival chemical bug sprays. Cat-lovers might just love this addition as well.

Remember, many bugs, especially pollinators, are great pals to keep around.


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